Sean McGill Strikes Again!

My husband was exchanging text messages with a couple of friends last night. There were some references to my post on here about the turkey meatloaf. This morning, he was quite pleased with himself for sending his friend, Mike Jones, the following text:

I hear you like Meatloaf.

Only, he sent it to the wrong Mike Jones. So, the stranger that received this message had no idea who Sean was, or what this meant. He quickly realized his mistake when the guy wrote back and said, “Who is this!?”.

To which Sean replied, “Damn it. Wrong Mike Jones. With any luck, that will be the weirdest text message you get today!”.

Turns out, it’s a fellow Hurler, whom recently lost all his contacts in his phone.

Now, please go back and just imagine getting the text message above from a complete stranger. 

Only Sean.